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Massey plugins news

Steven Massey got news for us. The guy who showed the world how every plugin company should operate, has very interesting news. Updates, upcoming new products and even more. Some of these were shown at this years’ AES show.

First, just a few words about my thougts on why I consider Steven the hero of the plugin industry. First of all, he’s honest. He doesn’t overhype any of his plugins, doesn’t make you believe things which aren’t exist. The pricing of his plugins are actually more than friendly, but still, the quality of them surpasses their expensive counterparts many times. The support is awesome, responsive, helpful, although, to be honest most of the times I only asked some general questions from him, as the products are literally flawless. No crashes, no weird behavior. Instead, rock solid operation at a ridiculously low cpu usage and outstanding sonics. Ok, enough praise, I bet most of you already know these things.

Now the news part. I had an e-mail conversation with him, and he’ll look into AAX format only next year, after he will be ready with some new products and feature upgrades. Of course, no need to rush as Pro Tools 10 still compatible with RTAS and TDM.

But there’s more:

1. DRT 2 is coming:

“This is a pretty significant update to the existing DRT plugin.
We’re adding integrated sample “playback” support. Now you’ll have
the option of exporting MIDI or generating audio tracks directly
from the plugin.

Additionally, I’ve added a noise gate option to the detection
algorithm. This can hone in the accuracy on really noisy tracks
or, in particular, those “lazy-footed” kick tracks where the beater
coming off the head (before the actual hit) causes false

We’re hoping to get DRT v2 out in time for Santa. We’ll be bumping
the price of the plugin to $96 going forward, but the upgrade will
be totally free for existing customers.”

2. CT 5 is coming:

“This is a revision of our popular CT4 compressor.  The core sound
remains 99% the same; I’m tweaking one internal filter for the
better.  The new model adds a higher ratio compression curve
option, a wet-dry blending control, and sidechain input.

The CT5 and CT4 will be sold together at a price of $75.  CT4
owners can upgrade to the new package for a measly 3 bucks.  We
want to get this one out around the end of the year.  (Gotta write
that pesky TDM code!)”

3. mq2 is coming:

“Last, but not least, we showed off a new EQ plugin.  This plugin is
simple in concept but rich in flavor.  It’s a high-pass filter
meant to clean up the rumble and low frequency mess on any track.

Its resonance control then lets you tune the amount of ringing
around the cut-off frequency.  This can be handy, for example, to
revive the punch of a drum sound while cleaning up the mush of the
super-low end.

Also, this plugin is thick with analog sound!  Transformers are
modeled on the input and output stages with significant harmonic
distortion inside the EQ “circuit” itself.  I suspect folks will be
using this plugin in a “flat” setting a lot just to sop up its color.

I’m still fine-tuning its performance and sonic character; but we
hope to get it out in early 2012 if Todd can keep my
obsessive-compulsive ways in check.”

The current release of drt is not working properly in PT 10, read this: Masseyplugins forum

Here’s a screenshot showing the newcomers: