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Book recommendation

I recently read a book, which I’ve heard about on the net. This is not a technical guide, or a step-by-step method book, and to be honest, probably it is more likely intended for beginners, or to people who might consider some sort of activity in this industry. Still, I have found it remarkably enjoyable.

Kelley Baker: The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part 2: Sound Conversations With (un)Sound People

I owe you some explanation on why I love this book so much, if it is more interesting for aspiring filmmakers or “sound guys”, and above all, it’s really not about any technical how-to’s.

Because it is about our industry, through the point of view of some of the most respected persons of our vocation. I don’t like to use big words, but if someone really seriously interested in sound, this is the book he/she must read. It is about reality. How sound often get neglected (until the director realize that without it, the film just not good enough), how often sound people looked down, and with all the bad things, how beautiful this vocation really is.

Often the outsiders or the aspiring ones only see the shiny part of this industry, with awards, with nice behind-the-scenes videos, but the truth is what we all know, it is not so shiny, most of the times not so easy, and many times it is exhausting. Still, we all do it, because we love it, and we’re not really able to imagine doing anything else instead.

The interviewees are (not in alphabetical order):

  • Tom Johnson
  • Gary Rydstrom
  • Harry B. Miller III
  • Jim LeBrecht
  • David A. Cohen
  • Dan Olmsted
  • Dianna Stripe
  • Michael “Gonzo” Gandsey
  • Peter Kurland
  • Ron Eng
  • Jana Vance
  • Glen Trew
  • Tomlinson Holman
  • Gregor Hutchinson
  • Jane Tattersall
  • Milly Iatrou
  • Bob Hackl
  • Lee Haxall
  • Ken Karman
  • Reka Yellek
  • Kelley Baker