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This week’s favourite sound #7

I picked this, because it has a funny story. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm here which is not a great surprise. The funny thing is I checked the weather forecast and while it was raining and sky was dark, the weather forecast was showing that the sky is clear, the chance for any precipitation is exactly 0%.

Anyway, we all know that the weather forecast is not really reliable, and as the old wisdom taught us: “Always keep your recorder at hand reach…” I picked up my recorder and pushed the REC button.

It is very interesting to observe/hear that even raining could have very different sounds, as the the drops can be varied in size, speed, directionality. This storm had huge rain drops. Few hit the sill, sometimes it was like if it was ice. Fortunately it was only rain.

The nice crescendos and decrescendos are so natural that it is almost impossible to recreate them. I’ve tried it, and it is really hard. As a bonus, near at the end of the recording I managed to record a big thunder.

It’s freely downloadable, standard EULA applies.
Out of curiosity I checked back the national forecast, and according to them, we didn’t have any storms yesterday. 🙂 Enjoy!