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OMF problems and some Nuendo experience

Well, not really problems as I managed to decipher the way Nuendo exports a Pro Tools compatible OMF. I don’t know if it’s Steinberg’s fault or Avid’s, but it took me a few export/import cycle to get what I wanted at the first place. My guess is that it is some problem with Nuendo, because I didn’t have these problems with Pro Tools before. Still it can be either’s fault.

The one and only method

I’ve found one, and only one method which proved to be predictable and stable across many sessions. Any modification in the parameters caused different incompatibility issues or completely faulty OMF.

For these projects I didn’t need the audio files, but obviously I needed the information… At first I hoped for smooth sailing after all it is only a simple “file reference” export which would tell the other software where to place which file, etc.

The only compatible working method is pictured below:

omf export

This way you get everything. Audio file positions, edits, names. Any other test caused incompatible things like only one track transferred instead of 96, other times positions were wrong, names lost, etc.

Personal rant

Don’t take this too seriously, the following only a little list that I really miss from Nuendo. There’s a possibility that I miss something and Nuendo actually knows some of my wishes. If you like, this is my really short list why I couldn’t switch from Pro Tools (amongst many other things).

  1. Marker track. It’s a very good thing that I can have many marker tracks, but sadly they cannot be fixed or locked, so as you scroll through your tracks, your markers always disappears as you cannot see them. In Pro Tools, the marker “track” is above the real tracks so it doesn’t matter if I’m at channel 140 or ch1 I can see my markers.
  2. VCA. I really don’t think that this point needs any further explanation.
  3. Destructive record and destructive punch. After so many years… I need it for very good reasons.
  4. Channel/fader grouping. Now this is really annoying for me. I’m quite used to the Pro Tools method where I’m able to create edit/mix or combined edit-mix groups, switch them on/off with shortcuts. I missed this so much.
  5. Group focus and bus interrogation. Enough said. It’s not rocket science, very convenient features.
  6. Clip gain implementation. Maybe it’s exist but I couldn’t find this. If I want to use clip gain in Nuendo, I have to see the middle of the clip in order to grab it with the mouse. In Pro Tools it doesn’t matter where I am, see only the head or tail of the clip I can freely use the clip gain. I couldn’t find a method for this in Nuendo.

This a simple starter list which is missing/or not really well implemented in Nuendo in my opinion. Of course I am extremely biased as I’ve been working with PT for long-long years now and I only used Nuendo many years ago, but now as sometimes I have to use it again, I’m surprised that there are still many things missing. I don’t want a DAW war here, these are my personal things.


  1. Solution for 1:
    Split the arrange window, in one of the windows show the marker track, work in the other. Works with all kinds of tracks or arrage elements, btw.

  2. I knew I have to look deeper. Thanks, will try this.

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  4. Hey Tamas,

    thanks for your videos. Great tips that help a lot.
    I’ve been a Fairlight and Nuendo guy for most of my life, so whenever I need to go to Pro Tools I feel slow. These are the kind of little insights I really find helpful.



  5. Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully you’ll find even more useful ones in the near future! 🙂

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