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Lack of sounds and time

In the past few months longer posts and field recordings are missing from the blog as many of you mentioned in the emails. Yes, it’s true, let me explain this a bit.

As you might know that from january I relocated to Budapest as I accepted a job offer there. I thought it was going to be quite busy at the start but frankly I underestimated the magnitude of it. Literally from day one I happen to fall from one predub/final mix into another, so I really didn’t have time for anything. I tried to keep the pace of at least one post per week but not always succeeded with this aim. I’m still in the process of catching up with the frantic world around me, but the good news is that it seems to getting better now. Or at least with the help of some focused planning it seems that I will be able to handle my schedule better.

Due to this busyness I terribly neglected a few things, such as:

  • my contribution at the Sound Collectors Club
  • my contribution on some forums
  • reading good articles/blog posts
  • go out and record sounds
  • write blog posts

But now I found place for my little trusty Sony D50 in my backpack, so from now on it will accompany me to almost everywhere and if I encounter some fascinating sounds, and will be fast enough to grab the recorder, I’ll record it and just as it was the practice in the past, will share it with you.

Regarding the usual mini series like the “favourite sound of the week” will be continued shortly and I try to make some clever plan to eschew these huge downtimes. And as always I really appreciate the feedback and suggestions about the blog. Thank you for all the readers and followers.