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Pro Tools 11 gems part one

Pro Tools 11 is not only a brand-new software but it has some very nice additions that are not groundbreaking but can help you to work faster and more conveniently. Today’s favourite function is a very tiny little addition, but in the last few weeks I found it immensely helpful.

The function is fade in which you can find in the extended transport settings, right under the pre-and post roll. This little function serve one and only one purpose, to perform a very little fade in when you press play. And what is the benefit? Well, when you mix nothing will blow your head off when you press play. It doesn’t matter if you are mixing any action movie or concert show or anything dynamic or high-volume material, after the moment you press play Pro Tools will execute a tiny fade in before it reaches full volume. You can also adjust the fade in time to your liking.


Nota Bene: This function affects your recording! You must turn it off if you want to record something, otherwise the start of your recording will be affected by the fade in time.


  1. @Nota Bene: While it is true this affects recording it is only under a certain circumstance where you are internally rerecording without any preroll. If you enable preroll to longer than your fade in time then you will never punch into stems whilst the fade-in is occurring.
    It does not affect external sources for recording i.e./ if you are recording from a microphone then the incoming signal will be recorded at full level regardless of if you have the Fade-In setting engaged or not.

  2. Learnt a new phrase today. Nota Bene = Note Well, not as I’d thought a name of a poster. Thanks for the grammar lesson too Tamas. 🙂

  3. 🙂 I know a few of these from my almost forgotten latin classes.

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