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Hostage of the dub stage

I’ve been very silent lately, seldom post, rarely use Twitter, have no time for anything except work. All this silent period is caused by the frantic mix schedule I have these days, insanely tight deadlines, countless hours spent behind consoles, controllers and mice with the good old Pro Tools. I’ve gathered many mix tips that I used, discovered, re-discovered and would like to share with you. I’m certain that many you’ll find obvious or even useless in your own workflow, but hopefully you’ll discover some nice gem that can help you in a mix session.

I decided to post these small tips in short posts. At first I thought that I’ll write longer posts about these, but now I can clearly see that I’m unable to sort my own time efficiently enough to write these longer posts.

Anyway, stay tuned, I’ll start this little mix tips series in a few days.