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Avid Everywhere

Avid just unveiled their new concept at NAB. I followed it on Twitter, read the Pro Tools Expert article and Ceri Thomas’ opinion about it, and to be honest this whole thing is very interesting to me.

I’m one of the many mixers who collaborate every day around the world. With collaboration this time I mean collaborate through the net. Sending sessions and premixes across the ocean, receiving guide tracks and AAFs and OMFs from a distant place, etc. Now it really happens almost daily.


As I happened to work in feature film recently which absolutely needed this multifaceted collaboration, I really applaud Avid for doing this. Obviously I’ve yet to see any concrete thing, but the whole concept and aim is just the thing we really need in post production. It is my understanding that at the end, it’s promising a really usable audio-video enabled collaboration platform, where our precious metadata is preserved, our mix and change notes are delivered with the sessions, and even communication and exchange between audio and video becomes an easy, streamlined thing.

It would be still early to judge, but my hope is that this can really change things toward our daily fantasy, which is an easily usable, well thought out stable package that is really helping us.

With my recent experiences with many different online, cloud-based services we tried to use for our collaborative work, this new thing from Avid honestly seems amazing. I really hope they will execute and develop it the right way.

Here’s a little video about it, this does not cover the whole picture, but may give some ideas: