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Plugin upgrade plans

I’m very picky when it comes to purchase and use plugins. I only use a handful of them, but those are – without a doubt – amongst the best in the World. Why is that? Because in my opinion no one needs 30 different type of vintage emulations to properly mix, or 128 slightly different compressors or 200 different types of EQ. I think it’s utterly unnecessary, even more so it can easily be detrimental, but that’s a whole other issue.

Plans for the summer

After careful consideration and extremely diligent testing process I made a list which I would like to buy. Not many, but again, a few that can make a real difference.

Note that this list is about my own personal collection.

Exponential audio

This upgrade has already happened. I owned the R2 stereo version but I needed more. Both in channels (surround) and in verb type so now I own the Exponential Audio all bundle:

  • R2 stereo
  • Phoenix stereo
  • R2 surround
  • Phoenix surround

These are the most spectacular verbs I’ve ever used so I really highly recommend them.
There’s a Midsummer Sale going on there, I highly recommend to check out these amazing plugins.

exponential audio reverbs

Magott software

I would never say that it’s impossible to work with the Pro Tools built-in surround panner, but last time when I was mixing a feature film’s score in 5.1, I got frustrated by it many times. Hence I looked around, found and tested Spanner, which proved itself to be a spectacular solution for surround panning and even more. So, during the summer, Spanner is going to be purchased.


For the time being, this is it. Not much, but as I told you before, I only own the plugins I use daily. This minimalist approach proved to be a great success for me. It made me work harder on mixes, made me really dig into things and learn the tools, and finally, made me realise that many plugin out there is not worth the money for various reasons.

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  1. totally agree – both are on my top plugs list

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