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On the road with a MacBook Pro #1

As you probably know in the summer I’m on the road. Not constantly, but many times. But things cannot be postponed forever, so most of the time I have my laptop with me (MacBook Pro), with an iLok, and external drive, a Grado SR 125. Many times I need to edit, tweak, bounce things to meet certain deadlines.

But as we all know, the trusty MacBook Pro doesn’t have a full keyboard with numpad. There are solutions for this, but in this mini-series I would like to remind you to a few shortcuts that can make your life easier without a full keyboard.

Loop playback

Honestly I cannot live without this feature. During editing or mixing I constantly use loop playback and almost always engage it from the numpad. But this function has a proper shortcut too.

Loop playback: cmd+shift+l


This way you can activate/deactivate this cool feature. It is much faster than to always right-click on the play button and select it from there.