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On the road with a MacBookPro #6

This time it’s a really tiny tip, which otherwise can drive you mad. Usually I use my trusty Sounddevices usb pre2, but there are times when I have to use the built-in sound card with headphones. But as I change the volume, the dreaded click sound in OSX just drives me crazy.


It’s annoying, usually it’s louder than anything else in your session. Back then it was a great discovery for me that we can easily avoid that sound.

To avoid the sound hold down shift while raising or lowering the volume.

I know for first look it might look not that important, but after a few hours, I think you’ll appreciate this little tip.


  1. Marco Bernardo


    You can “KILL IT” permanently if you disable it. You might know but here it goes.

    System Preferences / Sound / Sound Effects
    Disable Play Feedback when volume is changed.

    Cheers and thank you for your road tips 🙂

  2. Hi, great tip! Although I was there a million times, never really realised that this can be killed completely. Thanks!

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