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Asking for help with Nuendo 6

As many of you may know, although I’m a die-hard Pro Tools fan, at least weekly I have to also use Steinberg’s Nuendo. No problem, I’d been using Nuendo for years back at version 2 I think, then left out a few years.

The problem is I’m far from being an expert when it comes to problem solving around the Nuendo machines. We’re suffering from a pretty serious bug, and it seems no one can point us into the right direction.

The problem

We need to record multitrack almost daily. Channel count goes from 32 to at least 128. Now in Nuendo 6 (we had the very same bug in version 5 too) if we record more than let’s say 48 channels, sometimes we loose parts of the recording.

Recording starts, everything seems to be fine, then suddenly Nuendo stops displaying waveforms during the recording, and when you hit stop, after a long unresponsive state it looses all the audio where there isn’t any waveform on the screen.

Here’s a screenshot about the problem:


The real headache

We use Steinberg approved HP workstations, RME sound cards, dedicated recording drives, optimised Windows os. No plugins used during the recording, in fact, no one even touch the workstation during recording. Everything goes by the book, and still we experience this nasty bug in every two or three days.
I’ve tried to search through the net for possible solutions but didn’t find anything really relevant.

Although I use Pro Tools, so I’m only partially affected by this problem, I just can’t sit and watch how these very expensive rigs cannot even perform well on a basic stuff like recording multitrack.


  1. I’ve heard of this problem for a while now – I’m on Mac and haven’t seen this, though I’ve not printed big sessions in N6 for a bit now. Excuse my ignorance, but is the problem related to maximum file size during recording? I believe there is a 4GB limit or something, so you could choose to split the files or use R64 format? Also I wonder if turning off the “Create Audio Images During Record” could help? I thought I remembered from way back an issue with .peak files or image files rendering with large recordings.

    Truthfully, I love Nuendo as an editor and a mixer, but I still rely on ProTools for intensive recording tasks. Cheers Tamas, would love to hear if/when you figure this out, and whether or not Steinberg has been responsive?

  2. Cheers, I’ve tried all the split and long file rec options with R64. I checked and we didn’t hit the file size limit. To be honest, I haven’t tried to turn off the “Create audio images during rec” as lately I get quite paranoid when I don’t see any waveform. 🙂

    I try to investigate further and hopefully will find something that solves these issues.


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