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Lost in chaos

I’ve been through some pretty hectic days, and it’s not over yet. Planned to post some short tips and some “in progress” work tips, but as usual I miserably failed to make time for it.

Now I’m in the middle of a final mix session, a full 68 minutes of music for a 100 year-old silent film. Obviously the schedule just turned into a turmoil, so long hours and unexpected tasks just turned up in every minute. But enough complaining…

Interesting posts are on the way. As soon as I’ll have some time and energy I’m going to finish a few blog posts about:

  • feature film score recording
  • feature film score mixing
  • installing Pro Tools HD and controllers into our refurbished studio
  • some Mac related Pro Tools tests (hopefully including new laptops…)
  • our different workflows at the studio
  • why we chose to purchase controllers with real knobs and faders instead of a touch surface
  • additional Pro Tools tips

All these articles are whether prepared or planned so stay tuned, I think you’ll find it very interesting and informative.

On a closing note I would like to thank the huge amount of emails, I try to answer all of it, and of course, will write about the suggested things. But for today, I’m going to finish the final mix!

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  1. Great work and I wish u success with it!

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