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Screwing on

This pretty much sums up my last few days. It’s never easy to rebuild something, integrate new technology in a way so older things and workflows remains the same as before.

Planning, screwing, moving up and down, checking the ventilation, re-examining patches, installing software and updating firmware.

Almost ready, but still has lot to do. Next week I’m going to have a busy week mixing, so only a few days left to finish everything. Exciting times.

While we build and test everything, I think I’ve found a bug in the Avid S6. This is our second S6 install, and the metering simply doesn’t work at all. It’s almost identical to the first install, the only difference is this is an HDX2, the other is HD Native. Otherwise both has the very same type of Mac, softwares, etc.

So far I’ve tried to:

  • Trash prefs & databases
  • Switch Eucon on & off
  • Quit and restart the WS control app
  • Restart both the Mac and the S6
  • Re-update the S6 modules
  • Changing the playback engine

If I’m going to have time, I might try to reinstall Pro Tools. Right now I don’t know what can cause this. All things are supported, only approved software has been installed.



  1. Check your service order for Ethernet under System Preferences / Network. Try disabling Wifi if it is active and make sure the Ethernet adapter used for S6 is first in the list.


  2. Thanks Jeff for the suggestion. I’ve tried several things, including the order of the network adapters. What seemed to work (for now) is to change the desk id so nothing is seen on the network for a minute, then change it again back to the original id.
    I know it might sound strange but it solved this issue it seems.


    • Interesting. Let me know if this continues to be an issue. We are very close to releasing new software (1.3) for S6 which includes a number of significant improvements and fixes. Stay tuned.



  3. Thank you Jeff, from now on I’m going to mix almost constantly on the S6, so if there are something, I’ll know it and report it.

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