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Avid customer experience

Just wanted to share my recent experience with the Avid online store which is not that satisfactory as I think it should be. Before I begin, I’m a person who very often purchase things online, so although I’m not an expert, I definitely am a experienced customer so if there’s any minor issue, usually I can solve it myself. During the years I very rarely needed to contact any support.

From demo to purchase

I still demo each and every new plugin which seems to be good for me or for the company I work for. This morning I just had a good coffee while booted up the system in our main studio, and suddenly Pro Tools told me that my demo license just expired today. No problem, as I’m really satisfied with this new Avid ProMultiband, I decided to purchase it.

Usually it takes only a few minutes and of course your credit card. Logged into my account, searched for the Pro Multiband in the Avid store, chose the download option, checked my data, and hit purchase. So far so good.

I’ve received the usual email. As usual, I clicked on the link in the email, but this time my account says:


Tried it multiple times, tried to log-out and log-in again, tried with different browsers to no avail. Now I’m stuck as I can’t finish my project, payed for the plugin, but haven’t received anything. I already contacted the support and tried to message them on Twitter. Still waiting for the answer…

As Avid is in the big transmission to subscription service and unlimited support I don’t think these hiccups are good signs. They need a much more simple and more importantly properly working system, and frankly a much more rapid online support. All the big online stores have 24/7 support so it doesn’t really matter where you are in the World, they can help you immediately. I know it cost money, but frankly this is what we – the customers – are accustomed to. It would be really nice to see that Avid is trying to make me want to spend my money at them.

Update: Avid support has solved my case in a bit less than 7 hours, which, in my book is good. I still think that this should be more rapid, but on the positive side, the support team was very responsive and helpful. Thank you.