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Lack of posts (again…)

I know I’ve promised that I have foolproof plans so even if I don’t have time to breathe, posts will come. Well, it seems that my plan failed miserably. At first I thought the start of this year will be a bit more relaxed, but it turned out to be even busier than the end of last year, which was a true chaos schedule wise. I just wanted to let you know that I have no plan to abandon this little place, ironically I have more than ever post to write and publish, but honestly didn’t have time or energy to write.

In the next few weeks though you’re going to read about many things. This hectic first few weeks inspired so many posts. About acoustics and different loudspeakers and their measurement and adjustment. About the importance of critical, analytical thinking when you want to build and operate a big system, and of course, about my beloved DAW, that’s working hard daily almost flawlessly.

Thank you for the many, many emails (I think I’ve managed to answer them all), everything is fine here, I’m busier than ever, more curious than ever, which means I’m going to write many posts in the very near future. Stay tuned!