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A short note on cloud collaboration

I really don’t want to write about Pro Tools 12 for several reasons. I haven’t tried it yet, because right now I don’t have time to test anything. Frankly I don’t really understand the whole structure Avid introduced, but as an HD user I have ample time so I just wait until I can read all the FAQs and helpful blog posts and only decide what to do after I really know the details. My last reason is, I really don’t like the hysteria that surrounds this whole thing. That very few sane voice just got lost in the midst of ungrounded shouting. I don’t say that Avid is honest and communicative, frankly I hate how they treat things, but still, after I lived through many of their new releases, I’m tired of this pointless, childish internet noise around the release.

One little thing for some perspective. I know many video and film editors whose life and blood is MediaComposer. At first, when the subscription model had been introduced at their side, everyone hated it. They didn’t trust Avid (for a reason I must say),they didn’t want the whole system. But slowly, after a few months they saw that this time it might be a good thing. Today, when I ask them what they think about the new model, each and every one of them praises the new model, they simply love it. Why? Because they get bug fixes and new features much more rapidly and more often than before. I just hope that this is what going to happen to Pro Tools, because only then I’ll be a supporter of this new model.

About the cloud collaboration

After this long winded intro, a few words about this new cloud thingy, which is sadly not in Pro Tools 12 yet. Right now I’ve been working on another feature film, which require active collaboration between many partners. I’m in Hungary, some of the team located in western Europe, some located in the USA. With all the changes, additional material, so called locked picture changes, now we use a plethora of cloud based services to achieve our goal. Google drive for some file based exchange, Vimeo for video related things, Box for other file exchange and version tracking, Weetransfer for immediate huge file transfers, etc. The list is almost endless. And to be honest, I really don’t like this. Just to keep track of things, we created a Google sheet that contains all the things that is in the cloud. Where one can find the necessary material. It is not optimal to say the least.

Of course I don’t know if Avid get this right this time. But if one company have to understand post production, it’s them. If their cloud collaboration feature will be what we need in our daily job, and if it’s going to be priced wisely, I think they have a chance to finally have some positive feedback from users. Right now it’s only speculation and hope. Let’s hope that they get this right.