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Worth to read #1

I’d like to recommend you a great book, which surely will stick with
you for a long time. Not because it takes long time to read, quite
the contrary, once you start reading it will be very hard to put it
down. It’s going to stick with you because it’s filled with knowledge
and wisdom.
This is not a technical book, you won’t find detailed explanations of
different compression techniques, or hidden tricks in Pro Tools,
instead you’ll find ideas, examples of critical thinking, creative
collaboration and thoughtful, diligent decision making. All through a
series of conversations. Walter Murch is a true legend, who never
fails to eloquently describe his methods and discoveries and great
stories about some of the most famous films ever made.
You can buy it online, so you can have it on your iPad or any kind of
tablet or eReader or even on your laptop. This is a book worth
reading multiple times. Happy reading!