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Why I’ve upgraded to Pro Tools 12

Well, only one single day passed since my latest twitter post:

pt12 splash screen

To be honest, even the most serious posts don’t generate such a tsunami of emails I’ve received. First I thought someone hacked the site and spammed me, but after reading the messages it seems to me that despite the anger and frustration toward Avid, there’s still many people interested in Pro Tools, and I’m not talking about long time owners, but engineers who’s thinking of buying their first version with PT12.

The ones who think I’m crazy

There are some, who thinks I’m completely out of my mind, lost touch with reality, etc. to upgrade. I won’t list the not so positive things they wrote. To summarise, while to some degree I understand the anger and the frustration, I think these people should definitely think about life in general. Avid is a company, Pro Tools is a DAW. No one will get hurt if we receive or don’t receive a new function, Avid is not after us to ruin us and our families. Anger management can do wonders… 🙂

Isn’t it disturbing that Vanilla users got more things?

This was one of the biggest frustrations so far it seems. Well, for me, it’s not a sad thing. In my view, it is a very positive thing. Avid has to make Pro Tools Vanilla a truly usable alternative and this announcement is big step into the right direction.

Yes, I’m a long time HD owner and user, and I definitely think they should do much more to make us happy, but I think they need more time for this (call me optimistic…)

There’s no real value left in HD…

Well, that’s simply not true. HD still has several advantages over Vanilla. I won’t list all it, just mention a few I need and use daily:

  • Surround support. As I do scoring and re-recording, can’t live without it.
  • High track count recording. The same as above, to record huge film scores, I need many, many channels of IO.
  • Advance automation features. This is also a big one. I absolutely understand that not everybody need these, but please understand that many of us do!

They just want our money!

I can’t argue with this one. Yes, as they’re a company who sell hardware and software, they want and need our money. The question is rather: are they going to convince us to give our money to them?

If I take a look back to the last few years, I can tell you that there was nothing that could make switch DAW. I’m serious. There was some features in other DAWs that seemed interesting, but besides that all lacked the necessary features I use daily.

Honestly, why???

My favourite. If you make it this far, I think you already, at least partly know why I’ve upgraded.

First, Pro Tools HD is still the only DAW that has all the necessary features I need/use/love.

Second, it is the DAW I know intimately, done serious amount of work with it over the years, and it is the most stable for me also, which is quite important.

If we just had a beer I think I could share many stories why I choose and more importantly stick with it. I agree that unlocking features is not the same as developing and implementing new ones, but I’m optimistic, you may say childishly, that Avid can still make this right. They do it very well on the video side so I have confidence in them. Hopefully they won’t prove me wrong.

You can argue with me, but the new IO improvements are already a good sign, and after a short, few hours long test, this release is very stable (of course that’s not a feature).