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Soundtoys 5 issues solved

Well, at least some of them. As I mentioned in the earlier post, after installing the new bundle, I had some authorisation issues. The Rack version worked fine while I was unable to use the single plugins, because every time I tried to instantiate them, the “you must authorize…” popup appeared on screen.

Within a few hours I received very helpful comments and right after that I got mail from the Soundtoys support. It seems that I completely missed some well-known things and their solutions.

First I thought I might try the easiest and fastest remedy, re-sync my iLok. Quickly launched the License manager and after the log-in I chose to re-sync my iLok. Worth a shot, but it didn’t help.

Next I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Soundtoys bundle. Used their own uninstaller it took only a few seconds to remove the plugins, took another minute to reinstall them. I was pretty sure that this would be the solution, but had no luck with this either.

Let’s check the AAX folders than I thought, and this was a very good suggestion in the comments. Version 4 plugins were still there. Out of curiosity I tried to use the Soundtoys uninstaller again to see if it really removes all the old stuff. Well, it failed to remove the old stuff, so I deleted the old plugins manually, reinstalled bundle 5, just to be sure, restarted the system and voila! Now everything is working fine!

Had some issues with older sessions where Echoboys’ older presets and some automation didn’t work, but that’s very minor, I could solve that easily.

I’d like to thank you for the really useful comments, and thank Soundtoys support too for the quick and helpful email. Only one thing remained unsolved, that is the mapping of the rack on a surface. Now it is miserably broken, probably I’ll try to email them again with some photos to see if their aware of this.

It seems that this new rack type plugin era is so much in its infancy that developers had no proper solution to use them with a control surface. Hopefully they have a plan to solve this soon.