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M/S matrix in AAX DSP

Or as I like to call it, mission impossible: the missing link. It is not a overly complicated process, with some effort anyone can do it in Pro Tools with some clever routing and stock plugins. However, when you want to use in a huge session, or even worse, in a broadcast situation, it’s absolutely inconvenient.


Brainworx has a perfect plugin for this: BX control v2, which is a bit more than an M/S matrix but would be perfect for that also. That means you are not forced to use only the plugins that has M/S option, but rather you can decide what processors you’d like to use for the Mid and for the Side. All good, except this little tools is not AAX DSP yet. Brainworx has a plan to update it to AAX DSP but no definite time table exist.

ms matrix

So, here we are, with a simple process, without the possibility to use it with a DSP system. I think Avid could make such a thing, but the reason why I think Brainworx should do it, because they have a growing number of AAX DSP plugins, so much as they even offer a full AAX DSP bundle.

If you know something I missed, please tell me. Is there any AAX DSP M/S matrix available?


  1. Jeff Komar

    Overkill – but bx_digital v3 can be used for this now and is AAX DSP.

  2. Yeah, thanks, you’re right it can be used for that, although would like to see a more streamlined solution for this. 🙂

  3. Jeff Komar

    I absolutely agree with you. A necessary tool.


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