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Hectic posting

You surely noticed that the Anatomy of a score mix series still lacks a few additional blog posts. For the very reason that simply I had no time to finish the articles between the tour dates and the last score mix. Which is sad, but please don’t give up so easily.

Already got one more post almost ready which is about the distortion/saturation plugins that I’ve used during the score mix. And another one planned that will show you how a control surface can make your life much easier when you’re dealing with a vast movie score. And make no mistake, this won’t be a marketing material. These methods are all true, real and tested.

I’ve been using the Avid S6 for more than 2 years now so I really got accustomed to it, and developed my own methods to quickly find everything even midst the hundreds of tracks.

So stay tuned and please have a little patience, as soon as I get back to home, I’ll post the missing episodes.