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Bus interrogation

While it’s not a feature for the advertisements, in my opinion, it should be. I’ve always loved the little things which can help us to work faster and more efficient. And this one is truly one of these often unknown, forgotten features which many times makes Pro Tools the best choice. It’s only partially new, because anyone with an icon could use kind of the same from the control surface, but now it’s available no matter how or where we work.

If you prefer HD quality, go here.

As I said in the video, I have one minor gripe with this very handy feature. If you miss a step (restore previously shown tracks), after you’ve selected another bunch of tracks to be shown, you’ll lose the ability to go back to the original state of your session. For a workaround, you have to open the track list view, and select show all tracks option. My proposal for Avid is to add another option to this right-click menu: Show original layout (or something like this).

For this purpose, I’ve made an idescale topic, please go there and vote: New option for bus interrogation

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The new channel strip

I like simplicity. And although I really love different plugins, sometimes I just try to do a reality check. Checking out my plugins folder and mark the items I seldom use. Then asking a question: why is it so seldom used? Is it useless (bad)? Well, I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Then: do I have an abundance of that kind of plugin? Maybe. What else can be the reason? Over the years I’ve collected a very nice plugin arsenal that covers probably any possible need manipulating audio. Then how on earth some of them became obsolete for me suddenly? I just came to the realization that I needed it in the past, but now, I have newer, or better, or both at the same time. Basicly this is how I feel about this new channel strip. This is a newer/better, more convenient plugin than many other inhabitant of my plug folder.

I use it for everything, and have really found that it is a very capable piece of plugin. I didn’t make scientific comparisons for long nights, just started to use it for general things, and have found myself using it more and more unconsciously. This is it! I love the sound of it, love that I have many processors at my fingertips without searching through long lists. And it just works. Both ergonomically and sound wise. And it’s not like when someone has a brand new toy. I’ve been using it since I have version 10. I think it’s not premature to say that it can render many other “general purpose” plugins useless. The nice thing is I didn’t had to purposely force myself to use it.

Now the fun part. It has a few lesser-known secrects that can save us many time while using the euphonix channel strip. The best is, of course to use a control surface, but many times we are in a situation where there isn’t one available. Don’t be sad about manipulating parameters with a mouse, here’s a few nice “shortcuts” to get everybody up to the speed:

If you prefer HD quality, go here.

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The perils of audiosuite processing

As we have new options, we have more chance to screw it up. I mean, new options are good, but we should pay attention to some details to avoid some pitfalls while using the brand new possibilities in audiosuite processing. Even a very small mistake can ruin our precious work. Here’s some tip to avoid the constant use of command+z (undo).

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Pro Tools HD 10 review

As this is a huge step both for Avid and the users, I decided to test it thoroughly. We all saw the marketing videos, but as usual, using is believing. Please understand that this is a software review, it won’t cover any other things like price concerns, etc.

Avid declared that this is a huge change, a gigantic leap in sound and speed. Let’s see. As soon as I’ve downloaded the installer, I jumped right into the install process. Of course, as usual, before anything could happen, I made a complete system backup. I always do this and I recommend the same to everyone. Backup ready? Ready to go now.

Installing the new release was a breeze. No hiccups, nothing, just a usual software install. No surprise here, this is the way it should be. To be honest, the install process can hardly cause any problem on a well maintained machine.

For the sake of a real thorough test, I’ve used more than one machine. As many of us often need to work on the move, I thought that using multiple machines with different sound cards will make this test more like the real world usage.