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Pro Tools HD 10 review

As this is a huge step both for Avid and the users, I decided to test it thoroughly. We all saw the marketing videos, but as usual, using is believing. Please understand that this is a software review, it won’t cover any other things like price concerns, etc.

Avid declared that this is a huge change, a gigantic leap in sound and speed. Let’s see. As soon as I’ve downloaded the installer, I jumped right into the install process. Of course, as usual, before anything could happen, I made a complete system backup. I always do this and I recommend the same to everyone. Backup ready? Ready to go now.

Installing the new release was a breeze. No hiccups, nothing, just a usual software install. No surprise here, this is the way it should be. To be honest, the install process can hardly cause any problem on a well maintained machine.

For the sake of a real thorough test, I’ve used more than one machine. As many of us often need to work on the move, I thought that using multiple machines with different sound cards will make this test more like the real world usage.