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Reducing live sound presence

It’s a decision I should’ve made long time ago, but last year’s chaos which still has its impact on my schedule even now at the end of April made me realise that this situation is not sustainable.

I still love live sound, but apparently it eats up my valuable post production time, so much that I cannot really think about work-life balance, I can only talk about live work-post work balance and huge, huge backlog. I started to build a great, reliable system in Omnifocus which clearly showed me that I want to do more than it’s possible. It doesn’t mean that I completely abandon live sound, but I won’t do any more festival jobs that usually require to be available through whole summer. I’ll still take some selected gigs with few bands, but that’s manageable.

Of course it’s not a one-minute decision, and it requires some transition time, but hopefully after this summer I’m not going to have this huge backlog I have now.

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