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The big switch to Lion part 2

If you followed the previous ‘switch’ post, you know that I was almost ready with the install process. Now, after a few more hours of installation, authorization, etc. I’m ready with all the installation chore. All my softwares, all my plugins are up and running. Just in case you forgot it: I’m absolutely against the built-in migration assistant app. Use a full backup instead.

First experiences

I’ve heard many good and bad things about Lion, but nothing can be more informative than personal experience. The first few days with the new os is absolutely flawless. I had to set up a few things in the os to fit my taste and workflow. These are not complicated things, but one article helped me much: Ceri Thomas’ Taming the Lion blogpost.

While I absolutley love Apple’s minimalist phylosophy, sometimes they rip away too much (in my opinion of course). I love to see hidden files and folders, my hard drives, etc. These so called personal preferences can be set in a few minutes. Once you are ready with all the personal things, nothing else left but to use the computer as usual. For me, Lion is faster and much more snappier than Snow leopard. I know that different hardware leads to different results, but each and every of my little tests showed the same speed increase. Of course, the most interesting part is how will the new os behave under pressure? In professional environment, when we deal with sessions in Pro Tools, then need to denoise some material in Izotope rx, then have a recording session with multiple cue mixes, then maybe need to do a temp mix. These are the real benchmarks.
I don’t just trust a new os. To be honest, probably I’m one of the most suspicious when it comes for a big change like this. I’m untiringly test the system in every possible situation to make sure about its stability and reliability. With Pro Tools it seems to me that it is up to the task. I mean I have almost zero problem with snow leopard 10.6.8 (beside a few bugs in pt) and now Lion seems to handle the tasks even better. The whole system tends to stay more responsive and snappy under the burden of huge sessions.

I wait a few days, trying out new things in Lion, and then I’ll decide how the “new-twice-as-amazing” features are working for me. Now, it’s enough about computers! But now, I started to experiment with magic trackpad, I’ll report back about it… 🙂


The big switch to Lion part 1

I’m in the middle of the big transition. When Apple released the new twice-as-amazing operating system (Lion), I scanned through the new features list, and frankly didn’t find much cause to rush the upgrade. But now, as I have new machines (came with Lion preinstalled) and Pro Tools is fully Lion compatible, I have no more reason for procrastinate the inevitable. While I love having the newest and the best, regarding to working environment I’m kinda old school guy. I only upgrade if it is absolutely necessary, or if the new version have some really special feature.

The reason for the upgrade in my case now is obviously the newcomers with the preinstalled ‘bigcat’ operating system. At first, I decided to trust the marketing and give the migration assistant a try. I was prepared to have some hiccups, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened. In one word: chaos! As I had a little free time, first I’ve tried to transfer all my apps and account to the new machine. The migration assistant miserably failed. I have one or two apps that are not Lion compatible yet, but the rest of the apps are absolutely compatible with the new os. But migration assistant failed to properly transfer at least 80% of my apps. The apps were there, but didn’t launch. This was the first nasty surprise, but the rest was even worse than this. My account was totally screwed up. Only two things were right: the password and the photo of the login screen. Nothing else. Missing files, missing settings, bad privileges, etc. So in the first few hours I was forced to try the reinstall (hold command+r while booting up). I was not happy as you might imagine. Migration assistant is a great thing if the only thing you have is a few mail accounts, maybe an iPhoto library and a few documents, but as soon as you have many apps, customized settings, it fails. At least this is my experience.

I wasn’t against the fresh install at the first place, but many of my friends suggested the migration assistant app. Lion installation went smooth, and as I have full bootable system backups, I thought the important things can be copied easily. To be honest, I recommend this method to everyone. Do NOT use the built-in assistant, use your backup, and transfer the things you need in the new os. It takes longer, but you can decide what really happens, and once you select and copy the data, you are almost done. Now, the harder part is the software installation process. Many apps, many plugins, authorizations, serials, drivers, etc. After a few hours, I’m ready about 85% of my installs. The most important things are already up and running, but I don’t underestimate the work remained in that 25%. So far so good, everything is smooth and fast, but when I’m going to finish the whole process, will report back with more concrete results and experiences.


Most importantly, I wish everyone a happy new year!

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