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Shortcuts for our pleasure #3

Cut, trim, fade, adjust, cut here, cut there, trim it again. All repetitive tasks during the editing process. For the most part we cannot avoid them as they are necessary, but not always.

A very useful shortcut can help us in many different cases. In music production, in dialogue editing, sound design or sorting and choosing the right material. From a longer clip when we know the part we need, the only thing we have to do is to highlight the chosen section of the clip,

and hit


which stands for trim clip to selection. Faster with fewer clicks and steps. Enjoy!

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The perils of audiosuite processing

As we have new options, we have more chance to screw it up. I mean, new options are good, but we should pay attention to some details to avoid some pitfalls while using the brand new possibilities in audiosuite processing. Even a very small mistake can ruin our precious work. Here’s some tip to avoid the constant use of command+z (undo).

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Pro Tools HD 10 review

As this is a huge step both for Avid and the users, I decided to test it thoroughly. We all saw the marketing videos, but as usual, using is believing. Please understand that this is a software review, it won’t cover any other things like price concerns, etc.

Avid declared that this is a huge change, a gigantic leap in sound and speed. Let’s see. As soon as I’ve downloaded the installer, I jumped right into the install process. Of course, as usual, before anything could happen, I made a complete system backup. I always do this and I recommend the same to everyone. Backup ready? Ready to go now.

Installing the new release was a breeze. No hiccups, nothing, just a usual software install. No surprise here, this is the way it should be. To be honest, the install process can hardly cause any problem on a well maintained machine.

For the sake of a real thorough test, I’ve used more than one machine. As many of us often need to work on the move, I thought that using multiple machines with different sound cards will make this test more like the real world usage.