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Add meaning to programmable buttons

As you might know, one of my favourite input device is the Kensington Expert mouse. It’s sturdy, precise, built like a tank, has programmable buttons and probably most importantly, it’s comfortable.

kensington trackball

For a while I always changed the what the additional buttons do in Pro Tools. Sometimes one simply added a marker, the other did nothing, I had them switch between windows, show different automation curves or start a bounce.

But now I’ve been using them for more than 3 months now to increase and decrease clip gain. It’s tremendous help both during editing and during mixing. I’m admittedly a clip gain fan, so it just makes sense and speeds up my workflow.

To do this, you need to download the Trackball works software from the Kensington website. After successful installation, you can set up the keys under System Preferences/Trackball Works.

I’ve set up the upper two buttons. You’ll need to add the two shortcuts separately.
Here are the shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+down arrow = clip gain down
Ctrl+Shift+up arrow = clip gain up

As soon as you’re ready with the settings, it’s going to work.

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Looking for a good mouse

It seems that I always destroy my Apple Mouse at least in every 3-5 months.

Apple Mouse

Because of my RSI I almost daily change the input device, between a Kensington Expert Mouse Pro and the Apple Mouse. The Kensington seems to be a very tough guy as it has been working flawlessly for more than 3 years now, and you can guess… I killed many Apple mice during this period.

Now I’m looking for a reliable, preferably very comfortable mouse with additional programmable buttons that works with the Mac too, and has wire. I know it’s 2015, but I still prefer these ones instead of the cordless ones. For some reason I can’t work with a pen tablet. I tried many models from Wacom, it’s simply not for me sadly.

Please suggest me good alternatives in the comments, or in email or through the contact form. Thank you.