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New look for the site

Well, here it is, the new look for the site, which is much more refined and minimalist, a little more organised in my opinion. I had more and more problems with the old one, so I was in a search for something that is more reliable and adjustable.

Why it is better

First, as I mentioned, I like the minimalist design better and I think it is easier to read and find information with this design. Second, it is a completely responsive, meaning that it detects if it’s being viewed on a mobile device and readjust itself without any complicated code or plugin. As I am a big iPad fan, it was very important to find a theme which is able to react properly for mobile devices.

And as many of you suggested, I implemented the readability feature, so now you can easily save any article for later reading.

I really hope that you love the new look and design and again, thank you for all the support and suggestion. Keep them coming I really appreciate it. Stay tuned, on wednesday I’ll post the very first audio related article in the brand new theme. Enjoy!

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Evolving website design

Thank you! This is the first thing I wanted to say. This blog is very young, but  have more and more visitors and I’m honored by that. Many of you not only read, but wrote me with some suggesstions about how to develop this site for better look and usability. As this is really my personal site, the speed of the development is quite slow, but it is happening, thanks to you, the reader.

I managed to add a few things, I hope you’ll like it:

  •  new twitter feed widget
  •  new follow me on Soundcloud button
  •  new find me on twitter
  •  new find me on linked in
  •  Vimeo widget
  •  updated links
  • a nice image plugin

So far this is it, but still pondering over the header and favicon. Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions, I really appreciate those, so keep them coming. I’ll try my best to make it better.