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Blog kickstart

This is a brand new place, hence you can find this introductory post here. For years I’ve been blogging about Pro Tools and sound in my native language. As many of my good friends from all across the world encouraged me to start blogging in english, I made this page.

You can easily find out who I am if you check the about page. My favourite blogs and sites are in the sidebar. I highly recommend them. All of those linked sites represents real value in my opinion. I really hope that this site will be like those: add value, inspire, teach, encourage to be creative.

This won’t be a news site, as there are many more qualified person doing that. What you’ll find here:

    Pro Tools tutorials
    Tips & Tricks (both Pro Tools and sound design)
    Sound design related things
    Some reviews
    Some personal experiences

As you can see, the site is still under construction, but it’s going to be finished very soon. I’ll write posts regulary, but I won’t make promises I cannot keep, check back, subscribe to the rss feed and enjoy!

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  1. PKO

    Hey, thats a great idea!!! 🙂

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