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More and more AAX news

I assumed that this would happen. First Avid gave us some new AAX plugins and assured the community that many 3rd parties are already supporting the new format. But at that time we really didn’t know how the 3rd parties will react to this change. Huge upgrade fee? Free upgrades? My initial thought was that the plugin companies won’t charge us for this update, but I could’ve been wrong. Then the first news heard that McDSP will offering free AAX updates for their customers. And today the same is happening at Softube.

Here’s the official statement:

“Today we are releasing 20 of our plug-ins for Avid’s new Pro Tools format AAX. 15 of the plug-ins are also available in the new AAX DSP format. And it’s a free update!

Softube is the first major plug-in developer to release a substantional amount of AAX plug-ins for both DSP and Native. If you are a Pro Tools 10 user, this update is a no-brainer. Projects with existing RTAS or TDM plug-ins will automatically and smoothly switch to AAX, or AAX DSP if you have the new HDX card. DSP versions are included with the native license and do not need to be purchased separately.”

I hope that the rest will follow…:)