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The new channel strip

I like simplicity. And although I really love different plugins, sometimes I just try to do a reality check. Checking out my plugins folder and mark the items I seldom use. Then asking a question: why is it so seldom used? Is it useless (bad)? Well, I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Then: do I have an abundance of that kind of plugin? Maybe. What else can be the reason? Over the years I’ve collected a very nice plugin arsenal that covers probably any possible need manipulating audio. Then how on earth some of them became obsolete for me suddenly? I just came to the realization that I needed it in the past, but now, I have newer, or better, or both at the same time. Basicly this is how I feel about this new channel strip. This is a newer/better, more convenient plugin than many other inhabitant of my plug folder.

I use it for everything, and have really found that it is a very capable piece of plugin. I didn’t make scientific comparisons for long nights, just started to use it for general things, and have found myself using it more and more unconsciously. This is it! I love the sound of it, love that I have many processors at my fingertips without searching through long lists. And it just works. Both ergonomically and sound wise. And it’s not like when someone has a brand new toy. I’ve been using it since I have version 10. I think it’s not premature to say that it can render many other “general purpose” plugins useless. The nice thing is I didn’t had to purposely force myself to use it.

Now the fun part. It has a few lesser-known secrects that can save us many time while using the euphonix channel strip. The best is, of course to use a control surface, but many times we are in a situation where there isn’t one available. Don’t be sad about manipulating parameters with a mouse, here’s a few nice “shortcuts” to get everybody up to the speed:

If you prefer HD quality, go here.