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Bus interrogation

While it’s not a feature for the advertisements, in my opinion, it should be. I’ve always loved the little things which can help us to work faster and more efficient. And this one is truly one of these often unknown, forgotten features which many times makes Pro Tools the best choice. It’s only partially new, because anyone with an icon could use kind of the same from the control surface, but now it’s available no matter how or where we work.

If you prefer HD quality, go here.

As I said in the video, I have one minor gripe with this very handy feature. If you miss a step (restore previously shown tracks), after you’ve selected another bunch of tracks to be shown, you’ll lose the ability to go back to the original state of your session. For a workaround, you have to open the track list view, and select show all tracks option. My proposal for Avid is to add another option to this right-click menu: Show original layout (or something like this).

For this purpose, I’ve made an idescale topic, please go there and vote: New option for bus interrogation