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Speeding up with groups

While many users still cling to new features in Pro Tools 10, there are still older ones, which are not so widely used or known. While I was making the bus interrogation video, I couldn’t forget a little thing, that you are able to use the groups for something almost similar to bus interrogation. Almost, because they’re different in their roots, but still, both can help you focus on particular parts of your session. It’s not a which is better type of question. It’s rather a use both of it to be really focused on the tracks or groups you need.

If you prefer HD quality, go here.


  1. Antonis

    Nice one mate. The only drawback is that your group must be an edit group if you want it to appear on the edit window’s group list. The mix groups appear only in the mix window. But of course the same principle apply.

    Just a bit annoying though because for post work a rarely use edit groups and it is nice just working off on screen.

    • Thanks!

      Actually the mix groups can also appear in the edit window.
      In the edit window, go to groups (bottom left-hand corner) and click the little down-arrow near the GROUPS title. There you shall find display submenu- edit groups, mix groups, all groups. If you choose all groups, you will see them in the edit window too.

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