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Bacline Calc

A few weeks ago I just discovered a very handy iPhone app, which is a so called musical calculator. But wait, it’s not a simple dumbed iOS musical calculator. It’s actually very clever and does many things. It contains 23 easy-to-use calculators. For specific tasks you may, or may not find a more serious app, but with it’s versatility and ease of use, it’s a winner for me.


  • Length: Note Length, Bar Length, Song Length, Beats to Tempo, Time to Samples, Compare Tempos, Change Tempo, Sum Times, and Subtract Times.
  • Pitch: Note Name to…, MIDI Note to…, Frequency to…, and Wavelength to…
  • Timecode: Frames to Timecode, Convert Timecode, and Change Timecode.
  • Electric: Compare Power and Compare Voltage.
  • Acoustics: Distance to Time, Time to Distance, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), and Panning.
  • Files: File Size.

I’ve found myself using more and more. It’s completely stable, nothing can be more convenient than this as you can have it in your pocket, and the price, well the price is unbelievable. It’s FREE! When I have downloaded the app I didn’t realize that Audiofile Engineering made it. They are notoriously release great quality products in my opinion and this one is not an exception.

I really suggest you to go and get it while it’s still free! Backline Calc in the appstore.