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Sound of the week #3

This week I show you some really cool sounds that can be recorded while you are on duty in the office, and you are responsible for the daily chores. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it won’t be that hard, just change the water tank while you’re at the water cooler.

The next thing you have to do is to steal the empty tank for a few minutes or hours. Why is it so important? Because it can produce very nice sounds. Believe me, just steal it! And this is where the fun part begins.

One short note before we get to the point. The water tank should be completely empty. It can produce cool effects when it is filled or half-filled with water, but for now, it should be absolutely empty. Turn on the recorder and hit it, kick it, roll it drag it, etc. I know it’s sounds like a little child playing some odd nerve-racking game, but it’s fun.

I don’t even start to list the things what these sounds are good for, you’ll figure it out. It was a huge fun to move the mic just a tiny bit, and listen to how much the sound changed due to the tiny difference in mic position.

Water tank vs. tile

Water tank vs. finger

Water tank rolling on tile

Now as you can imagine, little or a little bit more modification can give you remarkable sounds. The following examples are only the result of a few minutes of fun with pitch and stretch, a reverb and some phase manipulation. I’m sure that you can come up with better sounds, not to mention the huge potential for layering these original sounds under some other effects.

The files are freely donwloadable, as usual I only ask two things in return. Tell more people where you’ve found it, and never ever sell it for money. Hope you enjoyed it!