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Sound of the week #4

This weeks’ favorite is a faulty flash (Canon speedlite 420EX). One of my colleagues brought it in for some investigation, because as he said it: “something definitely not right with it…”. Fortunately he left the flash there for a bit, so – although it won’t help him – I could record it quickly.

Basically we don’t really interested in different flash devices do we? Well, not until they are faulty and make strange noises. This poor device is acting up, producing weird noises. First, it takes very long time to load up to the ready state. But the most important thing is happening right after you flip the switch on button. It is a very nice, kind of robotic mechanical sound followed by a strange whining noise which finally lead us to the normal load up sound.

The switch on and the pilot-flash pop sound can be extracted to use for different electrical sparks, burn-outs, the mechanical part is very good for different machine movements, or computer noises, and I’m sure that you can use the whining sound as well, or the complete load up sequence for a good remote controlled bomb sound. 🙂

If you start to pitch it, stretch it and abuse it, you’ll find lots of funny things.

As usual, it’s freely downloadable: