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Favorite sound of the week #5

The old electric lawn mower. It’s been serving the family for a long time, though it didn’t get much attention if any over the years. As you can imagine, the electric motor is not in a good shape, the blades are dull, the chassis is battered. But still, it just works, well, most of the time.

The motor is not powerful enough to fight the wet grass, and the dull blades don’t help either. Often the machine struggle, and choked with the wet, thick grass so much the motor almost stop working. The good thing is that with all this struggling and choking and fighting, it produces very good sounds. Sometimes rpm drops abruptly, sometimes gradually. Both sounds nice.

Here’s an excerpt from the running, struggling, choking:

The old lawn mower by tamasdragon

Besides that these sounds are nice, they are useful for a number of things:

  • atmospheres
  • sweeteners for vehicle motor sounds
  • sweeteners for car pass-bys
  • motor starts and stops
  • whooshes

And of course for anything you use them for. I made a quick and short experiment.

As usual, the sounds are freely downloadable and you are free to use it in any way you want, I only ask two things in return. Do NOT ever distribute them for money and share with others where you’ve found them.