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AB test recording with the new kit

As I promised in the Developing the field recorder kit article, I made some test recordings with the new AB pair, the Sennheiser MKE 2 Gold microphones. Through the various examples I hope everyone can hear what a really compact rig is capable of.

All the equipment had been used to record these examples is a Sony PCM d50 and a pair of Sennheiser MKE2 Gold microphone.

First recording

Countryside atmosphere with some ducks, hens and rooster at the house near me (50 metres away) and someone was working there during the recording. An impertinent fly tried to disturb me, you can hear it on the track. I was out at the edge at a plough-land. The two capsules were 40cm away from each other.

It is very interesting that there are many extraneous noise out there what we don’t really notice with our ears, not even when I tried to pay attention to every little thing around me.

Second example

I’m in the middle in a plough-land as a huge harvester pass by. It was about 200 metres away from me, a few obstacles masked the direct sound between me and the harvester. At the adjacent garden there was a sprinkler working and occasionally birds were “tweeting” on some fruit-tree. Another little fly tried to disturb me occasionally.

Being out there the harvester sounded more distant compared to the recording, and the nature sounds seemed/heard more up front. The overall balance of sounds are very life-like.

Third recording

Back in the city. It’s 10 am., the kids are playing in the nearby kindergarten. Few birds are still in the city, very gentle breeze. Nice sunny day. The noticeable echo and reverb on the kids’ voice is made by the tower blocks at the opposite side of the kindergarten.

Compared to real life, the echo and reverb are exaggerated on the recording as our ears very effectively filters or attenuates these things to focus on the important incoming information.

Fourth example

Almost the same place, but a little further away from the kindergarten, opposite side of the road. In the background a huge garbage truck and its staff was working. They were about a 100 metres away from me. We are still between the tower blocks as you can hear the effect on the garbage truck.

The AB pair very honestly convey the real life sonic picture what I’ve been experiencing there. The dynamics, the volume, the effects are breathtakingly similar to my real life experiences.

Fifth recording

One of the main bridges in the city. It’s not really rush our, but still quite busy traffic with varying types of cars, bicyclists.

It’s really interesting that in reality the different cars had even more noticeably different sounds. Not that it cannot be heard on the recording, but still, it somehow homogenised the engine sounds to a degree.

Sixth example

City at night as you can hear the crickets are making noise while a single car pass by. I was up on a balcony, 10 metres from ground level.

As I was sitting there the car seemed more distant and more soft.


Consider the very little effort to make a stealth kit like this, and the quality you get, it is definitely worth purchase and build this little addition to the otherwise great little handheld recorder. Still, the question is not if this would be equal or not to a big rig, because both serves different purpose. Both can do things what the other cannot. These lavaliere mics are relatively cheap, and besides that you only need a few connectors and really basic soldering skills to finish your rig. It is going to be used here, a lot.


  1. Nice blog post.

    I love when people write and post audio examples of their rigs, as this gives a greater understanding of how certain things sound and work together.

    Sounds are great, good little stealth rig you have there 🙂

    I have recently purchased a new recorder and have been considering posting a blog about it. Think yours has just inspired me to actually write one.

    Nice one



  2. Thanks!

    I’ve heard your first recordings on Soundcloud. I would really like to read/hear more about your brand new purchase.

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