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Lack of posts and time

First of all, thank you for the e-mails I received. Nothing serious happened, I just didn’t have time to post in the midst of the festival season. I have many half-baked posts and as soon as I’m going to have a little free time I’ll post them.

I started to write an aricle on the differences and similarities between live sound and post sound, and what one can learn from the other. In my opinion it’s a very interesting theme. Depending on the point of view one can find many similar things, while the other may find them profoundly different.

For this short post, I would like to offer you some nice tips on apps I constantly use on the road.


The best read-it-later service. It works through regular browsers, on every iOS device and on Android too. For your convenience you can make folders to organize the stuff thrown into it. For example now I really don’t have time to read my favourite blogs, so when I check the rss reader or twitter account, I just simply click read-it-later and it automatically goes to my instapaper account. Later I can decide if I want to sort the articles into folders or simply just read them when I have time for it.


A truly incredible text editor. With markdown language, you can easily make bold, italic and many other design things with only a few key strokes. I know it doesn’t sound like a big thing, but this is compatible with html too, so your little text file can be anything from a list to complete html post. At festivals it’s a gift, because channel lists and tables travels across the stuff through simple text files which can be opened even on a mobile device.

Next time I will write about some really great iOS app for sound guys. For today unfortunately I have no more time, but I would really like to thank you the e-mails and questions.