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Favourite sound of the week #6

It’s been a long time since I posted some sounds, but now, because of a project, I have something for you.

As you know vegetables give endless possibilities for great sounds. Recently I needed some bone break sounds but I wasn’t satisfied with the library sounds I’ve found. Then suddenly I knew the solution. Back in the middle of this summer I’ve recorded some material which may just fit to this task.

Many times the easiest, mundane tasks provide the best sound. Shelling peas is not the greatest and more exciting tasks to do, but it sure sounds incredible, perfect sweeteners for bone breaks, cracks, etc.

After some editing and layering I knew I found the perfect bone break sweeteners for this project. As usual, I share it for free, these are the original recordings edited, mastered to some degree. They are free, standard EULA applies here. Enjoy!