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Book recommendation #2

You can find myriad of books on audio and I’m sure about that many of them are quite useful, however, there’s a few that stand above the rest. Either because it’s so informative technically or because it is not really technical but helps you think/hear in a different, more polished and more mature way.

Today, I would like to recommend you a “big classical”, which I have reread a few times already, and will read it again and again because I always find something new in it.

David Sonnenschein: Sound Design: The expressive power of music, voice and sound effect in cinema

I always recommend this to everyone. If you buy only a few or only one book, choose this one. This is not really a technical book, although you can find quite a few technical things in there, but you can learn about listening techniques, methods for selecting the right material, developing a sense for sound aesthetics.

The real power in this book is that it is not a simple guide. Instead, David try to encourage everyone to explore the “sound world”, to experiment with the tools, to really give your sound consciousness a big boost.

Now it’s available as a paperback as well as in kindle (e-book) format through Amazon for example.

Be prepared, it’s not enough to read it only one time. Enjoy!