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Shortcuts for our pleasure #4

Let’s see an everyday scenario. You trimmed a clip and the actual length of it is perfect, but the audio inside is a bit off. What would you do? Re-trim, maybe use sync point, nudge or move a bit. Well, that’s nice, but we have a better tool for this.

If you have any clip which is trimmed, so there is unseen data over the clip boundaries, we can slip the audio inside the clip with:

Control Plus/Minus (on numeric keypad)

The clip boundaries and position remains the same as before, but the actual audio goes into either direction, as you can see here on the pictures.

Oh, and how to trim a clip to selection fast? Check it out here.

Again, faster with fewer steps. Enjoy!

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  1. […] the last shortcut post I wrote about a great trick, slip audio inside a clip. After the post I received many emails telling me that this shortcut does not work in Pro Tools. […]

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