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Inspiration for the weekend

Whether you’re working or just enjoying the weekend, you may find it is still a good idea to watch some great videos about our vocation. Don’t search for serious connection between the videos, just watch them, and get inspired, or learn something great from them.


Gary Rydstrom talking at View conference 2012.


Another great one from Gary Rydstrom. This one is quite old, but still entertaining.


Before we move away far from Skywalker sound, a little video about the creation of the cartoon series of Star Wars. I had some trouble embed the video, so for safety here’s the link to it.


You might saw this, but if not, check it out. Mike Thornton solved 10 serious audio problems with Izotope RX.
You can find the whole series here: Izotope RX pro tips

I learned from this mini series, but if you want even more, he did a huge Groove3 tutorial on Izotope’s RX.

That’s all for this weekend. Enjoy!