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New look for the site

Well, here it is, the new look for the site, which is much more refined and minimalist, a little more organised in my opinion. I had more and more problems with the old one, so I was in a search for something that is more reliable and adjustable.

Why it is better

First, as I mentioned, I like the minimalist design better and I think it is easier to read and find information with this design. Second, it is a completely responsive, meaning that it detects if it’s being viewed on a mobile device and readjust itself without any complicated code or plugin. As I am a big iPad fan, it was very important to find a theme which is able to react properly for mobile devices.

And as many of you suggested, I implemented the readability feature, so now you can easily save any article for later reading.

I really hope that you love the new look and design and again, thank you for all the support and suggestion. Keep them coming I really appreciate it. Stay tuned, on wednesday I’ll post the very first audio related article in the brand new theme. Enjoy!