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Shortcuts for our pleasure #6

Working with groups enable us to treat great number of tracks easily, manipulate them, organise them in a better way and make our workflow much more efficient. But sometimes we need to quickly check something, or modify only one channel in a group. So today’s shortcuts will help us to do these quick tasks.

First scenario

For our session we made some mix or mix/edit groups so even the faders are moving together. But at a point we need to alter only one channel in this group. Of course we could suspend groups, or temporarily ungroup those channels, or even we could simply switch off that one group but honestly that would be the longest and least efficient method.

A much simpler and faster thing is to hold down ctrl and manipulate the desired parameter. In this way we temporarily exclude that channel from its group so we can treat it as if it would be an individual, ungrouped channel. Release the ctrl key and again, you have your full group behaviour back.

Second scenario

I’m a big fan of a well organised workspace, so I don’t want to see everything all the time as that is only makes my work harder. Imagine that you have 6 or 7 floating windows on the top of your edit window while you have the track and group lists open as well as the clip list. I won’t argue that there can be some workflows where this might be the good solution, but most of the time it isn’t.

Sometimes I need to see my groups, other times I want to see all the channels. Ctrl+click on the group in the groups tab will focus on the selected group, meaning you will only see the tracks which are in that particular group. It’s a really remarkable and fast option to speed up your workflow.

With this, you can easily switch between different views and actually you are the one who decides whether you need it or not. Do not let the cluttered workspace divert your focus from the job. If you need all your channels and groups back, simply ctrl+click on <ALL> .

I made a downloadable flashcard for later reference. (right click – save image as…)