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Shortcuts for our pleasure #7

Today I want to show you a real useful and timesaver one which can save many long and tiring minutes of tedious clicking. Often when we deal with multi-track recordings the channel count can easily go up higher and higher like 48ch or 96 or even more. When this happens, routing multiple in-outs can be pain with a mouse. Imagine sitting there clicking all the little in or out field to select the right interface or bus to assign it.

Fortunately we have perfect solution for this in Pro Tools, two simple shortcuts.


With these you can easily assign for example 128 channels of i/o with a few clicks and don’t have to worry about the correct routing order. If you need to add some more channels later or re-route some of the channels in the middle, use the same modifiers with the shift key so that it only affects the selected channels. Easy, works great and it’s really fast.