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Shortcuts for our pleasure #8

Today, I would like to share a somewhat lesser known but really useful shortcut, which helps us to send the same bus/output/mix to multiple outputs effortlessly.

It is good if you want to feed some stem recorder or any separate recorder, need additional broadcast feeds or just want to send a mix output to somewhere rapidly

CTRL+click on the channel/bus output assign and select another bus/output

After this you’ll see a little + sign at the left-hand side of the output bracket in Pro Tools (see below).


You can even select multiple outputs so you don’t have to make just another aux or send.


So, the signal goes to each and every bus or output where you can see a checkmark.

The good: It is very rapid, no need for any additional setup, can be used for many buses or outputs.
The bad: Cannot adjust the internal balance as the very same signal being sent to the other destinations too.