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Shortcuts for our pleasure #9

Today, a real practical one, especially if you’re mixing something. It’s all about automation and the speed of switching on and off various things that can be automated.

Let’s start with the basic in-built things. I guess you all know that in Pro Tools we can change the track view to show the volume automation or the send volume, etc. But there is a faster method for displaying the chosen parameter rather than going through different menus.

CTRL+CMD+Click on the the volume/pan/track name will show their automation view on the track. Clicking with the this key command on the track name restores the original waveform view


The method remains the same if you would like to see some plugin’s automation parameter on the track, CTRL+CMD+Click on the parameter. If for some reason the chosen parameter is not ready for automation,

CTRL+ALT+CMD+Click on the parameter and enable it for automation

This is a much faster method for enable/disable any parameter than to use the automation window to define what shall be in the list. Using this key command will display a little menu adjacent to the parameter/control offering two choices:

  • Enable/disable the parameter for automation
  • Open plug-in automation dialogue


It’s very easy and fast, but there’s even more. If you want to very quickly see the volume automation of one or more tracks,

Select the track/tracks and hit – to see the volume automation.

In the heat of automating everything, don’t forget that sometimes it’s a good idea to disable or prohibit things so that you won’t accidentally overwrite any previous thing.

CMD+4 on the numeric keyboard brings up the automation window where you can define globally what can be automated in the session.


That’s all for today, hope it helps you to speed up your automation workflow.