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When technology helps, a lot

Many times we find that technology is an obstacle, takes away our time, hinders creativity, induce steep learning curves, and so on. And sadly, most of it is actually true. In the midst of notifications from email or different social media sites, the always on status can easily kill our focus and creativity.

However, there are certain situations, where technology helps, a lot. Not only that we can work faster, but with the help of a few well chosen services, it can save our day. Just as it happened to me today.


I got a call from the National TV that they need a minor revision with a concert show which is going to be aired at Saturday, so the correction must be there today. As now I’m in between different festivals and I’m in the middle of moving my stuff over to a new flat, this phone call was a complete nightmare.

What can I do now? Besides panic of course.


Launch Gobbler, download the session, launch Pro Tools, make the necessary changes, then upload the files to the TVs ftp server, and send the files via Gobbler to the director.

One long sentence which in the real world took 3 hours of work, but the point is this: I didn’t leave the flat. I just used a few online services and a DAW on my laptop to make this whole thing happen within the deadline.

I know that today this is not a big feat, but if we look back a few years time, I couldn’t do this with ease. Now, it was a minor interruption, but didn’t cost my whole day and most importantly, everybody is happy now.

So, sometimes I really love new technology. Really thanks for Pro Tools, Gobbler, Google Drive and of course the Mac.